BuDakz PuLaUz! - Christmas Island

By: Izah Jaafar

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Monday, 5-Mar-2012 16:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dah Lama Betul

The Face Behind The Cam
Dah lama betul tak even go into Fotopages. I wonder if all my buddies and mentors are even using this site.

It's that point in life where I think I need a little bit of Me time and start Photographing again hehehe.

Sheesh last update was 2005, I was 25yrs old!!!!

Oh well...
Let's see what this year brings..Insya-Allah all is good.

Tuesday, 17-Jul-2007 17:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Just My Luck!

Candid Arabian Smile
Japanese Grin
Aiesya Giggling
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Just my luck...after a deserved LONG LONG break from fotoe takings (err satu tahun eh heheheh)...just as i was called to do a shoot out for one of my relatives wedding...I reaslised that my batt was left to one bar...so one would only do what others do which is to recharge the bloody camera....but, others are not as BLUR as me...I had left my charger and all my other camera's in singapore during my trip there the past two months!!!!... Haiyohhh..and all this while i could've checked and get my peeps to send it back to me...arrrghhhhh!!!

Oh heck...Zee if you proceed to check out my boring page ..i guess these are the newest pics u will see that are not of me and you have to wait till i get my charger back....in two weeks i hope so!

At the mo i am loving Candid Shots & Shots Edited with Opaque Frames...for some sordid reason and also subject to the side...LEBEY jer ni MInah!!

Adios Kita Berambos!

Friday, 6-Oct-2006 17:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Entertaining Visitor From Singapore

My Diver from Singapore
Bubz Havin Fun..err by himself
Well, I am kinda back....trying to get a hang of using another laptop...my Baby NEC Versa 3600 is being hospitalised again in SG...getting a new heart .... I'm back...back again...

Friday, 14-Jul-2006 06:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Totally Out!

The saddest story of my life.....

Finally my laptop wires and adapter got back ...but isn't it ironic...the dealer fixed everything but the main thing that is supposed to be fixed...MY FREAKIN MODEM!!! uwaaaaaaa
I guess im out of action till next year peeps... Have tons of pics to upload but too baddddddd..

Take care always peoples!
Luv the IEJSTER!

Friday, 7-Apr-2006 06:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Out Of Action

Hey guys... Im definately gonna be out of action for a while!!
My BABY is being sent to her home to be FIXED!!! uwaaa damned lightning n thunderstorm!! oh well unless you guys want to sponser me a new laptop heheheh tak malu eh!!!

I have a feeling i gots to invest in a new laptop..uwaaa mana nak cari duittt nak save for pak pak gibing gibing tu lagi kan Z? hhahaha

later guys...

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